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Installation in VirtueMart

Payment module for VirtueMart

ePay has developed a free payment module for VirtueMart which is built on the VirtueMart2 system. The module makes it easy and safe to accept payments in your online store, thus enabling you to concentrate on your business. 

VirtueMart is a free open source solution for e-commerce which is used with the content management system Joomla. It’s easy to install the ePay module in your VirtueMart shop.

Download the module, and follow the instructions below – now you’re ready to accept payment cards!

Download the module for VirtueMart 2
Download the module for VirtueMart 3
Please note

The ePay module won’t work if you’re using One Page Checkout in Virtuemart.

From Virtuemart version 2.x you might experience problems completing payments if you’ve only configured a single payment method. Please contact our supporters for more information.

1. Create an ePay account

Before installing ePay’s payment module for VirtueMart, you need an ePay test account. It’s completely free and only takes a few minutes. When you’ve signed up, you receive a test merchant number which is used for testing the module.

Get a free account

Please state that you want a test account in the comment field in step 2. You can disregard all list prices. 

Whenever you’re ready to accept real payments, ePay will update your test account to a production account. This saves you the trouble of creating a new account.

2. Install the ePay module in VirtueMart

NB: Before beginning installation, please make a backup of your website.

Download the module for VirtueMart 2
Download the module for VirtueMart 3

Log in to your administration at http://dinurl/administrator. Go to the menu Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install.

Find the file you just downloaded via “Upload Package File”, and press ‘Upload & Install’ (please see image 1).

The ePay module is now installed and ready for activation. 

Go to Manage (in the Extension Manager), and find VMPAYMENT_EPAY. If necessary, use the filter function.

Press the red circle to make it green (see image 2). The module is now activated, and all you need is to configure the module settings.

3. Activate the module in VirtueMart

To configure the module, you need to enter your merchant number.

Go to Components -> VirtueMart -> Payment Methods. Press ‘New’ in the top right corner, and enter your information (please see image 3). Press ‘Save’ in the top right corner.

Press ‘Configuration’ on the right (see image 3). Enter your merchant number in the field “Merchant number”. It’s either a number for tests or production.

Please note that to complete a test purchase you need to configure a shipment method.

4. Test the payment module

Make sure that the domain from which you are testing is registered in your ePay account in Settings -> Payment system. If the domain is not registered correctly, ePay cannot open the payment window and present it to your customers.

Now, complete a purchase as if you were a regular customer. Choose ePay at checkout, continue to the next page, and press ‘Confirm’.

See ePay’s payment window in image 5. You can add your own logo or company information at the top of the window. Do this from the ePay administration in Settings -> Payment Window

The customers choose between the payment methods activated on your account. When the payment is completed, and the payment window closed, the customers are directed to an order confirmation page.