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FAQ for VirtueMart


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1. Why do I get the message "No payment methods available"?

If you receive the error "No payment methods available", most likely you need to set up the currency to DKK (Danish krone) in VirtueMart. If you only accept Danish payment cards, the currency has to be Danish as well. To do this, go to Components -> VirtueMart -> Shop and choose 'Danish krone'.

2. How do I govern which payment window to use?

To open different payment windows (with, for instance, different logos) from your shops/domains, use the parameter windowid (Window ID) to govern which payment window to open from the relevant domain.

For VirtueMart, add the following around line 138 in \plugins\vmpayment\epay\epay.php:

'windowid' => 1

Replace 1 with the Window ID you want to use.