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Configuration in VirtueMart

1. Information on the payment in VirtueMart

You can find completed payments in VirtueMart by clicking on the order. See the image below.

2. Settings

To edit the settings for the ePay module, go to the menu Components -> VirtueMart -> Payment Methods, and press ’Configuration’.

Merchant number

The merchant number you received from ePay. You can find your merchant number in the ePay administration in the menu Settings -> Payment system.

Window state

This setting determines how the payment window is displayed. Choose between Overlay (a window that opens on top of you website) or Full screen. We recommend Overlay as your store’s design is visible behind the payment window.

Instant capture

By enabling this setting, the payment is captured immediately. Instant capture is only allowed if the customers receive their products immediately, too (for instance by downloading).

Own receipt

Activate this to direct your customers to your own order confirmation page in VirtueMart after completed payment. If not activated, a receipt is displayed in the payment window.


You can divide your payments into different groups and limit your ePay users’ access to specific groups. A group is a name/string. Leave the field empty if you don’t want to use groups.

Auth Mail

If you want to receive an email every time a payment is completed, enter an email address here. If you have multiple receivers, separate the addresses with a semicolon (;). Leave the field empty If you don’t want to use this service. 

MD5 Key

If you’ve activated MD5, enter your key here (the same key you’ve entered in the ePay administration). For this to work, the keys must be perfectly identical.

Order Status for Pending Payments

Choose a status name for orders awaiting payment. We recommend Pending.

Order Status for Successful Transactions

Choose a status name for paid orders. We recommend Confirmed.

Order Status for Failed Transactions

Choose a status name for declined payments. We recommend Cancelled.

All these functions are integrated into ePay's payment module for VirtueMart. However, you can manually implement all the functions we offer by adding parameters in your code. See a list of all available parameters.